About Me

My career is based around one simple yet elusive concept. I want to wake up in the morning and actually want to go to work. I am fueled by a passion for solving puzzles and for teaching. I like to be challenged and I work best under pressure. Likewise, I like to help others. I like to challenge them and see them excel.

Through my experiences I’ve developed a core set of values. The most important of which is reliability. I’m the person that is always a couple minutes early. I let people know if plans change. They know what to expect of me and I do everything I can to deliver on those expectations. I’ve also come to value the potential of a strong collaboration. I highly value clear communication, organization, and above all, a respect for the people you’re working with.

I come from a background in engineering and drafting. As such, I approach my art from a deep understanding of 3d principles and real world physics. My CAD experience is what prompted my wife’s friend to suggest that I try my hand at Blender. Nine years ago I did, and the rest is history.